Kid’s Fairness Test


Circle each as either Fair or Unfair

Fair Unfair    James gets a cookie but Chloe doesn’t.

Fair Unfair    Ed lives in a safe neighborhood. Bob hears gunshots every night

Fair Unfair    Suzie has to wear glasses. The teacher makes the whole class wear
glasses to make it fair.

Fair Unfair    Ray was born in a country where he has to go to school every
day. Rajed wasn’t. His family needs him to work every day instead

Fair Unfair    Elizabeth gets made fun of by Jessie. Jessie always gets made fun of
by her dad.

Fair Unfair    Mike and Bobby both do chores. Mike has to do a chore that’s a little
harder than Bobby’s chores.

Fair Unfair    Nellie is potty training and gets a prize for staying dry overnight. Her 10 year old brother does not get a prize for staying dry.

Fair Unfair    Fran needs new shoes and gets to pick out her favorite pair.
Fran’s sister does not get new shoes.

Fair Unfair    Savannah gets cancer. Amy gets cancer.

Fair Unfair    Elliot was born with a bad leg. He gets to start a race 30 seconds
before everyone else, and wins the race.

1) What is fairness? __________________________________________________________________
2) What is equal? Is there a difference? __________________________________________________________________
Can you think of a time any of the examples above would be equal, not fair? (For instance, if in #1, if both James and Chloe had gotten a cookie, this might seem “fair”, but if James had eaten all his dinner and Chloe had not, it would be equal, but not fair.)

3) How do you know when something is unfair?____________________________
4) Is fairness getting what you deserve? Why or why not? ____________________
5) How should you treat someone who is unfair to you? ______________________

T F Life is fair
T F I deserve fairness
T F I will always get what everyone else gets.
T F Everything someone else gets, I should also get.


Eliminate “that’s not fair” from your own daily usage. Adults say this more than they realize.

Stop trying to treat your kids equally. If one child needs new shoes, buy shoes only for him. Trying to be equal only fuels the child’s belief that life is supposed to be fair.

Tolerate the protest. Getting agitated can show the child that she’s got reason to be upset. Instead, say, “I know. Life sure isn’t fair.”

Allow your child to be disappointed. Learning to tolerate disappointment is one of the most important childhood lessons and crucial to independent adulthood.

Source: “Life’s Not Fair. How to Break it to Your Kids” By Sara Schaefer Munoz


READ: Matthew 20:1-16
Was the Master fair? Circle YES NO
Why or why not? __________________________________________________
Can you be happy for someone who wins a game, even though that means you lose? Circle YES NO
Do you find yourself NOT wanting good things for others if you can’t get them too? ________________________________________________________________
Are we happier if someone else doesn’t get something good, even if it doesn’t effect us one way or the other, but is more “fair”? _________________________________
Should we deny someone happiness if we can’t get it too? _____________________
Can you think of ways it may have been harder for the workers waiting and hoping all day for work? _______________________________________________________

READ: 1 Peter 21-25
When Jesus died on the cross, was he being treated “fairly”? YES NO
Why or why not? _______________________________________________
Did Jesus get what he deserved or what we deserved? ___________________
Was it up to Jesus and God (our Masters) to decide to give us a reward we didn’t deserve? Circle YES NO
Does God want us to forgive when someone doesn’t deserve it, love when someone doesn’t love us, and rejoice with those rejoicing, even when we don’t have the same gift to rejoice over? Circle YES NO

Can I be happy when life isn’t fair? Circle   YES       NO

How can I learn to be happy whether life is fair to me or not? Why might this be an important skill to practice? _____________________________________________




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