Here is the link to a “Test: I created to start the “Life isn’t Fair” discussion with my kids. Use it however you want, but I am turning it into an activity by having them make a flashcard with a thumbs up for fair, and a thumbs down one for unfair. Later they get a card for equal and a card for unequal, which they will hold up to answer each question again.

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We’ve all repeatedly heard, “Life’s not fair”, and we’ve probably all even said the words ourselves. But if we look past the words to how we really feel deep down, I think we have to confess that somehow we expect fairness in life. We don’t face each day anticipating something unfair to happen, so when it does, it takes us completely off guard, to the point that we cry out like children in complete disbelief, “What?!?” And when the shock at something “not being fair” subsides, anger sets in and we silently protest, “But that’s not FAIR!

I’ve never really been able to deal very well with unfairness or injustice when it happens to me. And I’ve always wondered why. Now I think I know. It’s my fundamental expectation of “fairness.” Simply put, I’ve somehow grown up believing that life is fair. That I not only want fair…

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