How is it possible to remove 35 items from your closet, and not even be able to tell the difference?


I live in a prison of clutter. It’s everywhere. I spend at least 6 hours a day, picking up my kids clutter, scraping dried yogurt off the floor with my fingernail, putting cushions back on the couch, searching for and putting all 30 pieces of a toy back in its box, scrubbing up a spilled nail-polish stain, and wondering, “How exactly do those green blobs of kids toothpaste get on the sink, the wall, the floor, the stool, the light switch, the magazine basket, the toilet, and the air freshener can? How is that even possible? Did it explode?”

I almost can deal with the accidental (though thoughtlessly left) spills and messes. But I would venture a guess that we have well over 100 toys and stuffed animals in our house, and every day they emerge from their bins and get scattered throughout every room in the house. Every day I put them back, but…

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